Internships in Producing Nutrient-Rich Food

Four Seasons Farms Internships in Producing Nutrient-Rich Food provide participants with direct, practical learning experiences in many aspects of an ecology-centred approach to agriculture. Through these internships, participants will gain experience, skills and knowledge required to work actively with the ecological and biological processes that form the foundation of nutrient-rich food production. Interns will gain experience in a diversity of food growing situations, on the host properties and through group activities including the community seed garden.

The Introductory Internship is offered at least once in each of the 4 seasons.

We are now accepting applications for the 2017 Autumn, Winter and Spring Introductory Internships, so we invite you to contact us now if you are interested. Ongoing Internships follow on from the completion of each Introductory Internship.

The Introductory Internships are 3 weeks in duration, and interns will have an opportunity to stay and work on at least 2 different properties, as well as be involved in group activities during this time. This combination gives interns an opportunity to get to know a few of the members of Four Seasons Farms well, as well as meet other members and other interns during group activities. It also enables interns to apply skills they are learning in a variety of different situations from the outset.

Diversity of Host Properties:  A core of host properties are located within 30 km of one another, with some others spread around the wider Northland region. The properties feature a variety of micro-climates, including both frost and frost-free growing zones. They offer a wide range of growing conditions, giving interns the opportunity to apply the principles and skills they are learning in different growing situations. The properties feature soil types ranging from pure volcanic to volcanic/silt & volcanic/clay loams, to pure clay. Food crops include a wide range of vegetables and herbs, fruit trees, subtropical trees, berries and grains, plus chickens and a few situations with other animals. Several of the properties have forestry blocks and/or native bush. Water sources include springs, streams and various rainwater collection systems.

In the Introductory Internship there are six days per week of activities, with Sunday being a day off. Interns will spend approximately equal time being involved with community projects and activities on the host properties. In addition, interns will be part of a structured learning programme, including a half day per week of studies facilitated by experienced grower/educators.

In the Ongoing Internships, there is more flexibility, with a personalised programme being developed for each Intern, through the process of completing the Introductory Internship. This is facilitated by the Internship Coordinators.

For both Internships, food and accommodation are provided by the hosts.

Interns will be selected by the Internship Coordinators through an application and interview process. Successful applicants will then be allocated their hosts by the Internship Coordinators

If you are seriously interested in being involved with enduring, efficient nutrient-rich food production, with ecology at the heart of your actions, then this is a unique opportunity. Places are limited.

To begin the process of applying for an internship, please complete an "Expression of Interest" Form at the link below.

"Expression of Interest" Form

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